What is Sexual Violence?

What is it? Sexual violence is a lot more than rape. Everything from sexist jokes to assault contributes to a culture that condones and supports sexual violence. Sexual Harassment Sexist jokes, offensive and suggestive comments about someone’s body, leering, pressure to go out with someone or have sex after someone’s said no, or humiliating and insulting comments about gender or

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Consent is willingly giving permission, through words and actions, for sexual activity to happen. Consent is an active and dynamic agreement that is part of a healthy sexual relationship. It’s voluntary, sober, enthusiastic, mutual, respectful, and honest. It’s part of a process that needs to be asked for at each step and it’s OK to say no if you change

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Myths & Realities

If she didn’t want to be raped, she shouldn’t have worn that outfit No one asks to be violated. Rather than blame the victim, let’s ask the question about why anyone would choose to hurt another person in that way. And let’s expect people to take responsibility for their actions. Women who say no don’t mean it Women and men who

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How Can I Help?

Bystander Intervention We all witness or know someone who has experienced acts of sexual violence, from sexist jokes to rape. But many times we don’t speak up even when we know it’s wrong and we feel uncomfortable for the person at the receiving end. It’s usually not that people don’t care. There can be many barriers to intervening including: It’s

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