The I Know Someone campaign is based on the knowledge that everyone knows someone, whether a victim or a perpetrator of sexual violence, so everyone has a role to play in ending it, especially men because it’s primarily their friends who are perpetrating the violence.

I Know Someone was developed to increase awareness and understanding of sexual violence on campus, and to shift the responsibility for prevention from the individual to the collective body. In contrast to traditional sexual violence programs where the onus has been on women to keep themselves safe, and in which women are seen as victims and men as perpetrators, this campaign aims to involve both men and women as empowered and critical allies. It also acknowledges sexual violence not only in heterosexual relationships, but also in lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgendered relationships as well. Providing students with the ability to recognize and identify inappropriate sexual behaviours, healthy consent, and, through skill-building, identify ways and situations in which bystanders can get involved, our goal is to empower all students to play a role in ending sexual violence.